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The area guide provides an in-depth overview of what your hosts recommend in the Mille Lacs Lakes Area!

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Located on Mille Lacs Lake

We Negotiate Local Discounts

Eat, Drink & Shop

Breweries & Wineries

Enjoy local beer and wine.

Area Guide

Food & Restaurants

Checkout our the best spots for local grub.

Area Guide

Get Your Groceries

Checkout grocery stores we like

Area Guide

Local Shops

Checkout the boutiques and shops.

Area Guide

Get Out For Fun!

Mini Golf & Amusement

Find family fun adventures!

Area Guide

Outdoor Guides

Join a pro fishing, birding, biking & more!

Area Guide

Area Golf Courses

Enjoy fantastic and unique golf courses.

Area Guide

Trails- Hiking-Biking-Riding

Hiking, Biking, Riding, Skiing & More

Area Guide
Get Your Rental!

ATVs, Boats, Snowmobiles & More!

Area Guide

Museums & Local History

Learn about the area's rich history.

Area Guide

Fun Area Events!

Checkout Our Event Calendar

Area Guide

State Parks & Recreation

Thousands of acres of public land!

Area Guide

Relax Your Mind & Body

Massages, Spas, and More!

Area Guide

Winter Fun!

We have a lot of fun on the ice & in the snow!

Area Guide